Monday, November 3, 2014

Fifty Years Later

In the zombie apocalypse thriller, the main protagonist awakes from a coma to find the entire city abandoned.  Within 28 day and nights, a zombie-like plague has rendered the entire nation of England mostly uninhabitable.

One wonders what would have happened if a person went into a coma in the 1950s Detroit, only to be awakened fifty years later, after half a century of total Democrat control of the city once deemed "The Arsenal of Democracy".  Our awakened Detroiter would encounter the remnants of a once great civilization, and be startled to learn that the run down buildings, portions of the city reverting to nature, whole blocks abandoned, was not the work of some nuclear war or zombie apocalypse.  Our protagonist might very well be surprised to learn that the criminals who accosted him or worse as he traveled the city were not in fact rabid zombies, but rather actual humans.  

We have fifty years of nearly uninterrupted liberal rule in Detroit.  We have third world like conditions.   In Detroit, we see virtually every sacred pillar of liberal doctrine crumbling and unable to support the weight of its liberal inhabitants.  Diversity failed.  Regulation failed.  Big government failed.  Liberalism failed.